We’ve got some good news for you. Swap the added sugars, jitters, and lack of sleep for a collagen sparkling tea that does wonders for your skin and body!

Why Make The Switch?

Each of the bubbly Tēs are loaded with antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids to keep you looking and feeling your best. Plus, their caffeinated flavors, Green Tea Grapefruit and White Tea Ginger, are packed with 30mg of caffeine to keep you glowing strong all day long!

Hate the shakes? Not to worry - their fizzy formulations include real super herbs such as hawthorn berry and passion flower to promote an overall feeling of calm, meaning you can stay energized and focused - without the consequential jitters. Peek the comparisons below:



• Typically 100mg+ of caffeine per cup (hello, jitters!)

• Lacks nutrients

• Stains teeth

• Coffee breath… need we say more?

Soda & Energy Drinks:

• Typically, 55mg+ of caffeine per cup

• Creates a jittery-high

• Usually high in sugar & calories

• Often contain empty ingredients

• Results in a sugar crash


• 30mg of caffeine (enough for a boost!)

• Promotes calm, focused energy

• Hydrating & nutritious

• Replenishes essential vitamins & minerals

• Low calories

• Little to no sugar

• No artificial sweeteners

• Clean ingredients

• Improves mood

• Benefits sleep

• & much, much more!

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