Water makes up 60 percent of our bodies, and yet many do not scrutinize the water they drink as much as they scrutinize foods they eat. Similar to food nutrition, water contains many of the same essential elements to benefit and charge our bodies.

As demand for bottled water waxes and wanes, billions of dollars in water sales have inspired lots of new businesses. It is estimated that there are 500 to 600 domestic bottled waters and 200 to 300 imported brands. Wow, how on earth do we choose? And, wow, a lot of waste for sure. But it’s still in demand, and we wanted to give you a short breakdown. Richard’s still has a water vending machine to fill your own. It is 9.5 pH alkaline ionized water.

Consumers have become increasingly curious about the source of bottled waters, scrutinizing the product category more closely than soft drinks, juices and teas. The most common consumer question is, “Is spring water really from a spring?” and “Does anyone regulate what bottlers put on labels?” Bottled water is “one of the most regulated food products,” answering to local health departments and the federal Food and Drug Administration. Most regulation was established in the mid-1990s as bottled waters became popular.



Spring WaterMust come from a spring (underground orifice in the earth from which water flows naturally). Cannot claim to be “spring” water if water has been substantially altered or comes from a municipal source.

Note: Richard’s Private Label Natural Spring Water is bottled from a state certified spring in North Carolina and is 2nd lowest in total dissolved solids by brand.


Glacial WaterMust original from glacial source


Artesian WaterFlows from a natural source above earth’s water table.


Purified WaterWater that has been substantially altered to remove impurities. Most common treatments include reverse osmosis, de-ionization and activated-carbon filtration.


Mineral WaterContains various minerals and trace elements. Mineralization changes slightly over time and varies in content from brand to brand.


Distilled WaterPurest water available. Distillation removes more contaminants than any other method.


Hydrogen WaterAdding more hydrogen to water may increase energy and improve recovery after a workout. Some also claim that it may reduce inflammation.


Oxygen WaterThe discovery that two O2 molecules can be fused together to make one  durable O4 super oxygen. Since O4 remains stable in water for up to two years, it means that the uplifting power of oxygen could be bottled.


Alkaline/ionized WaterA chemical reaction that companies claims makes water more acidic and alkaline.  Alkaline water may have a variety of benefits, ranging from giving you energy to counteracting unhealthy effects of acidic foods you eat.


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