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The Scoop on Minerals

Some of the most essential elements to our bodies’ natural chemistry are minerals. Eating the right amount of minerals through diet alone can be difficult, so it’s key to understand how and why supplementation can help. The Dirt Poor Facts Soil depletion is the leading cause of mineral deficiency in the fruits and vegetables we…

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Soothing Magnesium Bath Salt Gift Kit You’ll Need 2 – 8 oz Mason Jars 1 cup Magnesium Flakes 2/3 cup Epsom Salts 15 drops of NOW Peaceful Sleep essential oil Instructions Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and mix well. Separate the mixture between two mason jars and add your own creative flare! Endless…

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A migraine is a severe, pounding headache so intense and overwhelming that it can be debilitating. Though migraines can affect the entire head, they usually begin on one side (hence the name migraine, from the Greek word hemicrania, meaning “half the skull”). In some cases, a migraine is preceded by a series of early warning…

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