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The Powerful Healing Benefits of Beets

Beets are one of nature’s most powerful healers. Unfortunately, they’re not at the top of most people’s favorite foods list due to their earthy flavor and seemingly limited usage. However, beets are more diverse than meets the eye and can be consumed in both sweet and savory dishes as well as in many different forms…

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Amino Acids

The body uses chemical substances called amino acids to build the exact type of protein it needs. There are two types of amino acids: essential and nonessential. While the body must get the essential amino acids from foods, it can manufacture the nonessential amino acids on its own if the diet is lacking them. Of…

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Botanical  Information Maca is a root plant native to Peru. It is also known as “Peruvian ginseng” despite the fact that is not a member of the ginseng family. It is typically taken as a pill or liquid or as powdered maca root. Features & Benefits Studies found maca to have positive effects on sexual…

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