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Anti-Inflammatory Probiotic Bowl with Botija Olives

One of our favorite fermented foods is Black Botija Olives. They are savory and truly one of a kind. In this recipe, we combine them with Brussel sprouts and broccoli to add the sweetness of the green vegetables and serve them on the bed of brown rice with turmeric dressing. This combination of olives, cruciferous…

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Botanical Information Boswellia, also known as Indian frankincense, is an ayurvedic herb derived from the resin of the plant. This resin has many pharmacological uses particularly as anti-inflammatories. Features & Benefits Boswellic acid, the major constituent of boswellia, is thought to contribute to most of the herb’s pharmacological activities Used as treatment for symptoms of…

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Patchouli is an effective anti-inflammatory for the skin, helpful in healing cracked or inflamed skin, acne, dermatitis and eczema. It is said to tone and tighten the skin, and is used in many anti-wrinkle blends. At the same time, it helps regulate oily skin and dandruff. It is an excellent base note for perfume blends…

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