Saw Palmetto is a small fan palm tree native to the eastern United States. It produces berries that when ripe are dried for medicinal use. Saw palmetto can be purchased as dried berries, powdered capsules, tablets and tinctures.

Features & Benefits of Saw Palmetto

  • Beneficial to urinary health, including frequent urination, having trouble starting or maintaining urination, and needing to urinate during the night
  • May supports prostate health in men without negatively affecting libido
  • Also beneficial for pelvic pain, bladder health, sex drive, hair loss and hormone imbalances for both men and women

Suggestions & Precautions

  • It is commonly found in men’s prostate supplements and may be paired with other herbs/supplements such as nettles, pygeum and pumpkin seed oil
  • Appears to be well tolerated by most users (men and women), with only mild side effects such as stomach discomfort
  • Due to hormone modulating properties, individuals with hormone-related conditions or taking hormone medication should consult with a health care professional prior to use

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