Around the world, more children (and their mothers) are surviving today than ever before, in part because they are receiving the care and assistance they need to grow and thrive. Here in America, the percentage of young children in “excellent or very good health” is 86.3 percent, and for teens that number is 82.8 percent.

Still, there is room for improvement—especially when it comes to diet and nutrition.

Data from the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans reveals the majority of children and teens are not consuming adequate fruit and vegetable intake. Specifically, as stated in an article from the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “With less than 10% of the youth across 33 states consuming the recommended amount of fruits and less than 3% consuming the recommended amount of vegetables, concerted efforts to improve the environments to which youth are exposed may be needed to substantially change dietary behavior, especially for vegetables.” Additionally, empty calories from added sugars and fats account for 40% of the daily caloric intake for kids and teens.

In a recent report published in the BMJ about improving child health and nutrition across the globe, one of the key recommendations was ensuring that children “receive adequate amounts of micronutrients (vitamin A and iron, in particular), either in their diet or through supplementation.”


When preparing your favorite meal, you need the right ingredients to ensure the best outcome. The same goes for raising strong and healthy kids, except that those ingredients are the nutritional elements they need to grow and thrive. However, those ingredients—and the amounts needed—are different from the ones required for healthy adults. And here’s another interesting fact: As amazing as the human body is, it’s still unable to naturally produce all of the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs, so it’s important to make sure children and teens get what they need from their daily diet.

Some of the essential vitamins and minerals kids need are vitamin A for healthy vision and overall wellness; vitamin B6 for cognitive development and energy metabolism; vitamin B12 for neurological function and energy metabolism; vitamins C and E for antioxidant and immune support; vitamin D for healthy bones; iron for healthy blood cells; calcium for healthy muscles, bones, and teeth; and folic acid for healthy growth and development. Because children and teens are notoriously picky eaters, many parents choose to supplement their diet to help fill in the gaps.

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