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Who are we?

Richard’s Foodporium® first opened its doors in 1979 as an independently owned natural foods store in southwest Florida. The overriding mission was to offer natural and specialty products at affordable prices. That mission has never changed. What changed has been all for the better. There are multiple stores in operation with an expanded selection of products, a distribution center, and additional income verticals such as gift baskets and ecommerce.

Why Work Here?
Richard’s Foodporium® provides a fulfilling career for our employees, who in turn create a fun and convenient shopping environment, where our neighbors can find a balance of natural and specialty products that enable them to experience a healthier life at prices they can afford. Richard’s Foodporium is often referred to as a business providing “right livelihood” where one can go to work everyday knowing they are helping others live healthier lifestyles. Our teams are dedicated and work hard to serve our customers, yet we are always mindful of life-work balance, life quality and supporting our employee’s personal growth. We strive to foster and maintain exceptional culture and morale at each location, and always consider ourselves a team working towards common goals. Learn more about Richard’s Foodporium® Mission, Vision and Core Values here.



Richard’s Foodporium® offers generous medical, dental, life insurance, IRA, employee discounts, and paid time off along with other benefits. We often consider flex time arrangements for employees with special needs personally or professionally.



As we grow and expand as a family, Richard’s Foodporium® ensures that we provide our employees and customers an environment that is pleasant and fulfilling. To remain steadfast to our core values we will continue to focus on attracting a diverse group of individuals who are passionate, committed and personally invested in creating such a safe, warm and delightful environment.


Important Information for Internal Candidates:

Richard’s Foodporium® will post all current job openings on the company intranet site. This will be posted in each store as well. Should you be interested in another position outside your geographic area, contact our Human Resource Manager.  The Human Resource Manager will provide all candidates with instructions on how to apply.  All internal candidates should have at least one year in their current position and their performance evaluation must provide a positive recommendation based on performance, qualifications, and skills.

A job posting does not guarantee or mean that any given individual or employee will be considered, interviewed or hired for any posted position in the company. There will be no bias or preference shown or used in hiring decisions for any candidate.  All decisions will be made based on current needs.

Richard’s Foodporium® honors all laws and regulations pertaining to the application, hiring and employment process. Richard’s Foodporium® has a strong policy of providing equal employment opportunities for all employees without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, gender, ancestry, sexual orientation, pregnancy, national origin, genetic status, military status, disability or any other basis protected by law.